Board of Bishops



A portion of the Board of Bishops in 2009

The purpose of the Board of Bishops is to facilitate the work of the total ministry of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ (COOLJC) of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. through the concerted efforts and cooperation of all Bishops of the Church of the COOLJC. This shall be accomplished through meetings, classes, seminars, publications, and any other means that will lend itself to this purpose. The Board of Bishops make appointments and set up committees to carry out duties as need arise.

Bishop Raymond J. Keith, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Bishops

As the chairman of the Board of Bishops, I extend my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to serve. I encourage each bishop to visit the W.L. Bonner College each third week of the month during the school year.

The Board of Bishops has three meetings yearly. Said meetings are held at the General Annual Convocation, The Bishops Conference, and at the Seminar. Other meetings are special meetings called by the chairman.