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International Congress




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2017 International Congress Conference

icongressThe 2017 International Congress Conference will take place in Myrtle Beach, SC on April 19-22, 2017. We invite you to come and join us for an exciting conference. The event is for the entire family and enjoy attention getting seminars, workshops, and activities for all. The host hotel is Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel located at 2101 North Oak Street Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.
Registration & Hotel
Please visit www.icongress.org to register and reserve your hotel room for the 2017 COOLJC International Congress at Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center & Hotel, South Carolina.
You can register up to five individuals and reserve up to five rooms at the main hotel. To register groups of six or more please contact the iCongress Registrar at info@icongress.org or call (513) 494-6835 for assistance.
*Note: All monies submitted for registration and hotel reservations are non-refundable. You are not considered registered unless you submit payment along with your form.*
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Airline & Ground Transportation

The nearest airport to Richmond, VA is Richmond International Airport. More information coming soon regarding ground transportation.


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Check back for upcoming vendor information for the conference.

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Conference Speakers


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The following activities will be available:
Pre-Congress Rallies, Bible Bowl, Oratorical, Pep Rally, Basketball Tournament, Future Leaders Children Church, Congress Choir, and Congress Workshops


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