International Sunday School Association

64414_149568435085492_806117_nAbout International Sunday School Association

The purpose of this Association shall be first to promote Christian Character through the devout and diligent study of the word of God.

Secondly, to support the Education progress offered through the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To Empower generations of scholars in the Sunday School to teach others and to ensure the natural, spiritual and emotional development of every believer through innovative ministry tools for the effective growth of dynamic scholars.

Our Motto

Be A Part of Effective Change For a Generation

Our Theme

Working together for one cause “Unity”


10427323_870990219626521_4104356993405859760_n Sis. Dolores Griffith, Superintendent
Eld. Jeffers Holman, Asst. Superintendent
Sis. Kay Holman, Treasurer
Sis. Seneca Alston, Recording Secretary
Sis. Lolita Berrien, Corresponding Secretary
Min. Bobbie Brown, Chaplain
Min. Larry Thorne, Sr., Sgt-at-Arms
Sister Dolores Griffith, International Superintendent

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