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The International Adjutants Coalition was established by District Elder Norman Harris, Jr. who served as the first Adjutant General, at the end of his tenure Bishop N. Leon Harrell was appointed the 2nd Adjutant General in succession. During the 99th International Holy Convocation, Dr. Kevin Bishop was appointed the 3rd Adjutant General in Succession by Presiding Apostle Dr. James I Clark, Jr.

The Coalition was established for the sole purpose of “serving” the leadership of our reformation; and to bring a sense of deference, protocol and divine order among the Lord’s people. We also honor other foundational pillars who served in the trenches of the coalition during the formative years bringing the coalition to where it is now; District Elder Willie Shy, District Elder Benod Durham, and Lady Rubina Parson. We honor their commitment and dedication to the coalition.

The adjutancy is a divine calling to “servant ministry”. The Adjutants who seek to join themselves to the coalition are deliberately taught to serve “with honor” and not “for honor”. They are taught to hold leadership in the highest esteem among the people. Adjutants must demonstrate “humility” at all times. Greatness is not found in a title; but rather in a towel. Jesus girded himself with a towel and washed his disciple’s feet. The adjutancy has the responsibility to set the atmosphere for proper protocol to take place. In the book of I Kings 19th chapter reveals to us that Elisha went after Elijah to “minister” unto him. The term “minister” means to serve and or attend to.

The Coalition is always in pursuit of male and female Adjutants who are of a teachable spirit and a servant’s hearts that we might raise up an army of Adjutants well equipped to serve and attend to our reformation for years to come.


Bishop Dr. Kevin C. Bishop is a fourth-generation son of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ and has been saved for nearly 30 years. Dr. Bishop has a proven track record of leadership and excellence in ministry. He has served pastoral ministry for nearly 25 years while bi-vocationally serving public and private education for over 33 years.Dr. Bishop is currently honored as “Dean Emeritus” at his seminary alma mater and has served on the board of regents for the last 20 years. Dr. Bishop has an extensive list of accolades, awards, and recognitions for leadership, servant-ministry and community service over the years. 

Dr. Bishop is a teacher at heart; he’s also a licensed counselor and advanced temperament therapist. He has sat at the feet of great patriarchs and matriarchs of COOLJC; the late Apostle J. P. Steadman, Bishop Elfreddie Lee Sr., Mother Qudella Lee, Bishop Dr. Lonnie Green, Mother Doris Green, District Elder F. G. Ball Sr., Sister Ruth Ball, Mother Malinda Henderson, Mother Ruby Duke, Mother Martha Campbell and so many other great Texas pioneers who blazed the Apostolic trail.

Dr. Bishop was recommended to the Bishopric during the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ 91st Holy Convocation in July 2010 by Apostle Herbert Edwards, Chief Apostle William L. Bonner, and Presiding Apostle Matthew Norwood. Dr. Bishop also serves the International Board of Bishops as Chairman of the Young Pastors Mentoring Committee and Executive Assistant to protocol. Dr. Bishop currently serves Region XI as the Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Education for over a decade under the leadership of Apostle Herbert Edwards. 

Dr. Bishop has been married to his lovely wife (Lady Jacqueline) for over 25 years and enjoys his family to the highest; 3 sons (Kenny, Davin, and Demetri), 3 daughter-in-law’s (Emily, Martha and Myla) and 4 precious granddaughters (Hanna, McKenna, Brenna, and Jocelynn). Dr. Bishop was recommended to the office of Adjutant General by the honorable Bishop N. Leon Harrell (General Emeritus).