Deacon Tannis Vaughn

Deacon Tannis Vaughn has been saved for over 40 years.  His introduction to COOLJC came in the early 70’s.   Known to many as a “Giver”, he truly enjoys and spends most of his time helping others. He is the current chairman of the Rehoboth Temple Board of Deacons.  He has a long history of administration within the Church & the COOLJC.  In his youth he served as a Local & Diocesan President in the State of Ohio. 

He also served as an Int. ABYPU Regional Coordinator (then Region 5 – Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, & Indiana).  Finally, concluding with 10 years’ service as an International officer in the ABYPU; 1 term as Sgt. at Arms, & 2 terms as Vice-President.  He currently works as an assistant to the Int. Union of Deacons President, as well as serving as one of the Region 6 assistant coordinators, He also serves as the current Executive Secretary for the Ohio Diocese. 

Deacon Vaughn loves spending time with his family.  Marchelle his lovely wife of 34 years, is his constant companion. He has 2 children; Shannon & Ieasha & 2 grandchildren; Akilah & Madison.  Usually with their very close friends he and his wife regularly vacation in places all around the world.  They even occasionally take the family, grandkids, and some of their friends on their trips. 

Deacon Vaughn had a long and illustrious career in the Columbus Division of Fire.  He received many awards including; the Firefighter of the month, 2 Battalion Chief Accommodations, the Medal of Merit, and was recognized in IAFF (International Association of Professional Firefighters) Firehouse magazine.  During his 34 years, he spent 30 years in EMS where he became; a Fire Instructor, (teaching structural firefighting) a State Certified EMS instructor, and an In-Charge Medic.  In the later part of his career he helped develop and ran the Infectious Disease dept., and appeared in 2 TV commercials representing the division. 

Aside from meeting & helping people, Deacon Vaughn enjoys; the aforementioned traveling, (with his wife & friends) sports, (football, and golf in particular), riding his motorcycle, teaching, & movies!