Officers 2022-2025
Deacon Clarence Hawkins Sr – President
Deacon Tony Gibson- Vice President
Deacon Johnny Cann- Recording Secretary
Deacon Raymond Lewis – Treasurer
Deacon Willie Smith- Chaplin
Deacon Andrew Washington- Corresponding Secretary
Deacon Jerome Penn – Sargent-at-Arms

clarence hawkins

I have been walking in faith for 48 years and have dedicated 25 of those years to serving within the International Union of Deacons. As my wife Shirley and I approach our 61st wedding anniversary on May 20, 2024, we reflect with gratitude on our family's blessings—7 children, 26 grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren—all of whom we give glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ for.

Throughout my journey with the International Union of Deacons, I have held various impactful roles, including serving as Corresponding Secretary for 4 years, Vice President for 6 years, Treasurer for 6 years, and Memorial Committee Chairman for 7 years. In 2022, I was humbled to be elected President of the IUD, a position that embodies my commitment to advancing our union's mission.

Looking ahead, my vision for the IUD is rooted in strengthening our financial foundation and inspiring the next generation of brothers to join us in our noble cause. Together, let us continue to serve our community and spread the love of Christ through our actions and dedication.